Wednesday, June 27, 2007

interesting but...

Have now seen the document agreed with Labour.

It has more detail compared with the all Wales acchord. However there is little in it that could not also have gone into the Rainbow agreement. There is some rhetoric about the market in nhs which is nice to see but does not really get us anywhere.

The commitment on the hospitals is vague and still talks about the nonsense of no closures until community services are in place. Most of the services cannot be provided "in the community" the issue is about single site provision and lack of access to services.

There is some vague talk about a governance commission to review the number of bodies governing Wales. Will Labour vote to make their buddies unemployed? Guess we will wait and see.Clearly wales has to many councils and to many bodies looking at the NHs but as most of these are run or set up by Labour its hard to see them being prepared to dismantle them.

There is lots of talk of the need to buld trust. Labour could start by telling us what Lord Kinnock plans to do in a referendum for a welsh parliament or which dungeon they plan to lock him in.:)

The reality as set out below has not changed. Its not a bad programme as such but we will probably become the third party in the assembly in 2011 if wqe agree this.


Blogger Activist said...

'Welsh Labour Grassroots (WLG), the organisation of the left and centre-left in the Wales Labour party, today gave its support to the proposed Labour-Plaid coalition. A meeting of the group, held in Swansea, voted overwhelmingly to endorse the deal that will be put to a special Labour conference on 6th July. The group will now circulate its own literature at the event in an effort to win over delegates who are not already committed to support the deal.'

Red/green going well......

1:08 PM  
Blogger cymrumark said...

Hardly surprising as this is a very good deal for Labour, a superb deal for the Tories and a poor one for Plaid.

10:53 PM  

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