Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dare to dream

those of us not driving ourselves into the ground with a get out the vote operation are allowed a few hours to dream.

We could in the next four years take the first steps to having:

strong communities properly policed

an NHS released from free market lunacy with an integrated system of high quality medical centres and smaller community hospitals.

a thriving economy driven by small companies freed from business rate millstones..

the most IT literate workforce in Europe

a country self sufficient in energy

There is so much we could do with the new powers the assembly has. Lets hope the people of Wales have the confidence to share our dream.


Blogger Ted said...

Except your leaders don't actually seem to want to be in power. Admit I'm no supporter but having read your blog on and off and your comments on it seems to me that you and many other activists have flogged your guts out for what you believe. In return your leaders seems to have less guts that Brown in trying to make that difference you talk about.
I'm sure that between Plaid, Conservatives and LDs there is enough ground for at least confidence & supply if not a rainbow coalition. Why then talk of propping up Rhodri?

12:22 PM  
Blogger cymrumark said...

Thanks for your comment Ted.

It depends on how you define power. We are in "power" in the sense that we are the second largest party in the assembly where no one has a majority. We will use that power to try and get through the things we want. Is that best achieved by having the trappings of office as well?

It may be that we can get more of what, we want at a lower political cost, from a limited deal with Labour.

Given the current mess in the Lib dems it seems they have no appetite for a deal either with Labour or us. So the numbers would not be there.

Within the Plaid assembly group there is a "no deal with the Tories under any circumstances" faction which is disproportionate in size(ie bigger than the proportion of the membership which takes the same view). The leaderships view is much more relaxed.

2:54 AM  
Blogger Ted said...

looks like we might be heading for the Rainbow after all - interesting times

1:45 AM  

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