Friday, April 20, 2007

Perhaps its the weather....

Where ever I have been in the last week have had an incredibly friendly welcome. The canvassing returns vary from good to stunning ...but then all candidates say that.

The body language, name recognition etc is very very good. People seem keen for a change and as expected the different campaign ideas we are using this time seem to be working.

Older hands claim that we are having the best response ever...better even than 99. Not having been involved in that campaign I cannot be sure but the feeling in parts of the constituency is the same as in Rhgos on Sea a year ago. The weather is also as good. Virtually everyone says on the doorstep "well at least you have the weather for it".

I have fought one euorpean election 3 westminster elections and four council election campaigns as a canddiate. This is the most enjoyable campaign I have fought for over 20 years.

Campaigning in the sun is fun:)


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