Thursday, April 26, 2007

I love the sound of whining Tories....

A week or so ago i spotted the Tory candiate in Aberconwy whining on a website about Plaid's use of the previous result for Conwy (where 80% of the Aberconwy voters were in 2003) and our use of an opinion poll we published.

Got home from a hard day on the campaign trail and found the Tories have a big add on the back of the local free paper.

They have graph showing the predicted result of the general election in Aberconwy. This shows the Tories second. It is an analysis conducted by Rallings and Thresher. Of course the add forgot to mention that the Rallings and Thresher analysis of the likely assembly election result shows Plaid ahead and the Tories third.

To be honest I just thought it shows how desperate the Tories are. Their canddiate missed the big issue (the downgrading of the local hospital) and was silent on it whilst Plaid Cymru were campaigning last summer. Indeed he joined other Tories in their "campaign" against the "bed tax" (which was never going to happen in Wales) instead of fighting the hospital closures. Given tonight and tomorrows opinion polls I suspect the Tories in North Wales regret slavishly following instructions from Central office instead of responding to the needs of the local community.


Blogger Guto Bebb said...

Hi Mark,

How are things in the Vale?

I thought that the Pioneer advert was a great response to your claim to be 72 votes behind Labour in Aberconwy whilst not mentioning the loss of 23,000 electors to Arfon and the 7,000 new voters coming from Meirionydd Nant Conwy.

A sign of Conservative desperation? Well since your chief executive Dafydd Trystan spent half an hour asking our central office for a retraction I guess we can debate who might be desperate! As for the Thrasher and Rawlings analysis of the WA results from 2003 I think they show less than 400 votes between Labour, Plaid and the Conservatives. Hardly the two horse race that you claimed in your leaflets!

Will you be second to Matt in the Vale or third behind Labour?

Best regards.

1:04 PM  
Blogger cymrumark said...


Always good to hear from you hows the family?

Dafydd Trystan has to do something for his salary:)

The Vale seems to be going very well in all honesty I am to close to it as canddiate to have an objective opinion.

Not seen anything to convince me Matt will win but Labour do seem worried. There was a bigger Labour vote outside Rhyl than many people realise and in the areas south of Rhyl/Prestatyn its coming to Plaid.

Our vote will be up quite a bit at the very least at 99 levels probably higher....enough to win? Honestly dont know.

3:34 PM  

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