Sunday, April 01, 2007

Its finally happening...

After two years, thousands of leaflets a good few letters to the press, press releases and endless meetings it finally seems like the election proper is here.

I was out in Denbigh asking people to vote for me on Thursday. This is the first actual canvassing we have done in Vale of Clwyd. This is the time that Candidate itus sets in and we all become convinced we are going to win.

It is very easy to get carried away. We were in an area we would expect to do well in and we did. Given that they had not had any of our election literature yet I thought there was potential for some of the genuine undecided to switch our way. There was very clear evidence of switchers from Labour and indications that a few people who have voted Plaid "in the distant past" then voted Labour then stopped voting were likely to come out for us.

Like all candidates I have worked out what vote I need to get where in order to win. Denbigh is a key area for us and I was happy enough with the canvass returns. The key issue will be getting a high enough turn out in our better areas. We have a month to do it and looking at our campaign literature(the best I have everhad in both style and content in any election) am convinced we will be in the hunt.

however I am a candidate and bound to say that. How do I convince both of my readers? Well I have conclusive proof that i am doing all I can throwing everything into the campaign etc to ensure I won. Today I made the ultimate sacrifice...I went out and bought a suit. My wifes comment was "oh you must think you can win if you have spent money on clothes!"


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