Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The NFU Dyserth and back in Denbigh

Tuesday night I was in a hustings event in Rhuthun hosted by the NFU. In all honesty I was not at my best in a difficult environment. It was fun listening to Mark Young, Matt Wright and Karen Sinclair and I learned a few things listening to the farmers. The most valuable lesson of all however is being reminded of the need to be properly prepared before such events.

Today I was in Rhuddlan then Dyserth delivering leaflets. Shirt sleeve weather and in Dyserth the views were as fantastic as ever.

Another afternoon and evening canvassing in Denbigh decent returns in what would otherwise be a Tory area. The work we have done on the hospital campaign seems to be paying off. We have a big piece in the Rhyl Journal and Denbigh Free Press this week the response to which will be interesting to see.

Various Plaid people now getting excited about Clwyd West as well as Aberconwy. It is clear to me that there is still a significant part of the electorate that will vote, wants Labour out but has yet to decide between the opposition parties. It may come down to who runs the best campaigns over the next few weeks. I suspect there will be very varied results for Plaid. Some parts of the Valleys we are picking up significant support but other areas things are not as positive. Thursday night's opinion poll will be interesting but given that support for all the opposition parties is patchy I wonder how accurate it will be. Mind you if it shows us close to Labour I wont be complaining.


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