Saturday, March 10, 2007

Police cuts to save 6p a week?

The news that Labour Assembly members in North Wales are campaigning for further cuts in Police services, to save the public six pence per week, is astonishing. For these AM’s to suddenly decide they are against high council tax bills is just bizarre.

Since their best buddy Tony Blair came to power Council Tax bills in England have risen by 90%. A direct comparison in Wales is impossible due to re-banding which resulted in thousands of people facing massive hikes in council tax. Not a squeak was heard from Labours Assembly Members on re-banding.

The Council tax is an awful tax hitting pensioners and low wage families hard. If Labour really cared about anything other than their own survival they would have replaced this wicked tax at some point in the last ten years.

The reality is that the saving of 6p a week will make little difference to households in North Wales further reductions in the police presence would hurt us all. If Labour wish to contest the Assembly elections on a “more police cuts now” programme so be it. If the public are faced with a choice of further Police cuts or paying 6p per week I can guess what their choice will be.


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