Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dare to dream

those of us not driving ourselves into the ground with a get out the vote operation are allowed a few hours to dream.

We could in the next four years take the first steps to having:

strong communities properly policed

an NHS released from free market lunacy with an integrated system of high quality medical centres and smaller community hospitals.

a thriving economy driven by small companies freed from business rate millstones..

the most IT literate workforce in Europe

a country self sufficient in energy

There is so much we could do with the new powers the assembly has. Lets hope the people of Wales have the confidence to share our dream.

Last days on the campaign trail

Yesterday a team of us headed to far flung parts. A whistle stop tour of Cwm, Rhuallt and Bodfari helped us find a few more supporters and quite a few genuine undecideds.

The views were stunning and the sunshine, yet again, left us all in a good mood.

The idea of visiting some of the more far flung areas seemed to be paying off with voters pleased to see us ...if a little surprised. The most common reaction was "nobody ever calls round here".

As expected the best reaction in terms of certain supporters was in Bodfari. However there was certainly a warm reaction where ever we went.

My team spent most of the time teasing me for having two mobile phones which were ring on a regular basis.

On saturday i left my mobile on the train. I bought another on Sunday but had a phone call on Monday to say my phone had turned up . I much appreciated the honesty of the guy who found my phone and took the trouble to contact me. He lives in prestatyn and was highly amused to have rescued a potential AM's phone.

Today started with a trip to the morning press conference with Phil Edwards returning to his traditional role as my driver. My biggest concern at the, now very, likely prospect of Phil; winning is that he will no longer be able to drive me to meetings up and down wales. Still we will all have to make a few sacrifices for the cause.

IWJ and Dafydd Wigley in fine form at press conference. I got told off by press officer David Bradly for laughing to loudly whilst joking with journalists and for saying I hoped we would listen to the Lib dems and set up our own army as they claimed in their very funny regional election address.

Much of the rest of day spent canvassing in Rhuddlan. The results of which are so astonishing I struggle to believe them.

Have spent the last hour phoning friends in various places, and parties, wishing them luck. I am doing the grand tour of polling stations then getting some sleep before the count.

Expectations are running high. I am confident of us hitting 99 levels of suppurt in north Wales and probably much higher in some seats including Vale of Clwyd.

Friday looks set to be a very busy day.