Friday, September 08, 2006

Bala summer school

The Plaid summer school was great fun. People liked my presentations (or were simply being kind!) and I had the biggest screen ever for a powerpoint presentation. At last a canvass worthy of my ego :)

The party is in good spirits and improving its organisation in leaps and bounds. As campaigning gears up towards next years elections we are getting more confident of success.

rats, sinking ships, rubbish and headless chickens..

A report in yesterdays Western mail has confirmed what many in Plaid have been thinking for months. That when Labour are defeated in next years assembly elections the Lib dems will prop them up rather than create a fresh new government.

Its not exactly a surprise to us but fellow blogger, and Lib dem AM, Peter Black (see link alongside) is getting very het up about it. Peter even sees the hand of the dasterdly Nationalists in the story despite it obviously being well sourced from within the Lib dems. It shows an astonishing lack of judgement for rats to start swimming towards a sinking ship.........

On the subject of Lib dems there has been a lot of publicity about the landfill site just outside Wrexham. Wrexham councillors have voted to maintain the site despite changes in legislation since planning permission was granted. Perhaps the Lib dem leader of Wrexham council should have a word with the Lib dem leader of Liverpool city council and ask them not to dump their rubbish. It would help if Liverpool started to meet some of its re-cycling targets...

Nice to see the Labour party running round like headless chickens. The panic is being led by Welsh Labour MPs(unusual to see them doing anything at all!) who see disaster looming on the horizon in the shape of next years assembly elections. No doubt Blair is making things worse for Labour however his departure will only limit the damage. With Blair Labour face humiliation in next years polls. Without him they only face defeat.