Tuesday, February 13, 2007

1500 Health Jobs go in Leicester.

Why is a Plaid candidate blogging about job losses in Leicester? Bare with me.

Had a chat the other night with a friend who until very recently held a prominent position in the Health Service in Leicester.The local hospitals have just announced there will be 1500 job losses over a period of years(the exact number I forget). Despite the usual protestations this will not impact on services etc its apparent that there will be very real cuts in services.

So why draw attention to it here? Well the next time you see a letter in the Western mail or a blogg entry claiming that things are better in the Health Service in England spare a thought for people in Caerlear/Leicester. The pressures in England will get worse as more trusts have to finance massive PFI debt repayments at least we have a chance to sort out the problems in Wales without that particular millstone round our knecks.


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