Sunday, February 04, 2007

A change is gonna come?

Out and about yesterday in sunny Dyserth. Whenever I visit one of our main activists who lives in Dyserth I have to stop myself acting like a star struck teenager as one of his near neighbours is Alarm front man Mike Peters. Its a bit sad to admit but I am still trying to bump into him. Guess it will happen sooner or later so I hope not to make to much of an idiot of myself when it does.

Anyway we had a team of nine out delivering our latest leaflet. I have not seen everyone together since we launched "change for the better" and I was waiting for some comments. We have a very good team of activists who give me 100% support and have worked for years for Plaid. However they dont always react well to change.

So I was very surprised by how pleased everyone was with "change for the better". If there was something wrong I would have heard about it believe me. Instead lots of praise and general optimism.

We spoke to a fair few people and it makes a change to be able to point people at the new website not feeling embarrassed. Several residents saying they would take a look at the website.

Got home and spoke to Phil Edwards who had spent the day in Abergele. Again very positve response from people he spoke to.

As a candidate you have to be up beat and you have to say things are going well. This time I am having to reign myself in. Things surely cannot be going quite as well as they seem to be unless we are on the verge of a huge, once in a generation political change. There is a very significant conflict between what I read on on the rest of the web and in the press and what i experience when out campaigning. Particularly the weakness of the Conservative vote which seems to be much softer than i would have thought looking at the UK wide polls.

Clear message from the public is "we want a change". Interesting times ahead.


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