Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Car parking at Glan Clwyd Hospital

A couple of weeks ago Glan Clwyd Hospital was refusing to take new admission because it was overwhelmed. How it will cope if the Labour government gets their way and shuts Stasaph and Aberegele Hospitals as well as down grading Llandudno. Its anyones guess.

Usually I am fairly sympathetic to the management of the hospital who are in an almost impossible situation. However they sometimes act in a pig headed manner seemingly determined to enrage staff patients and local residents alike.

Given the problems with carparking on the site they introduced charges for staff. They failed to win agreement from the unions but pressed ahead anyway introducing the charges on a "voluntary basis" eg to park in a safe car park you have to pay. There are only a limited number of spaces available all of which were given out on a "first come first serve basis" . There is priority for consultants and senior medical staff and I am believe senior management and admin staff. However no priority is given for nursing staff.

The situation at Glan Clwyd regarding parking for patients and staff alike is ludicrous and the monstrous parking charges should be scrapped. Already Bodelwyddan residnets are telling me that more and more people are parking in the village as a result of being unable to get intoi the hospital car park. So time to go back to the drawing board.


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