Friday, June 02, 2006

The bed tax the Tories and the fib dems.....

A proposal from the Local Government Association to allow local authorites to tax tourists for staying overnight has generated quite a few comments in the national press. North Wales is dependent on the Tourist Trade for what few jobs remain and this additional tax would help kill off that trade once and for all.

A Tory MP from North Wales is quoted as opposing this proposal in the local press, oddly he forgot to mention that the Local Government association is dominated by Conservatives!Given this idea is coming from a Tory organisation we can expect Tony and Gordon to back it with enthusiasm.

However glancing through a few blogs I noticed an interesting article on Ian Dales blog. The ever amusing Mr Dale has pointed out that a Tourist tax is Lib Dem policy but their national spokeman is campaigning against his own party policy. No change there then.


Blogger Peter Black said...

Except it is NOT Federal, English or Welsh Lib Dem policy. I am surprised at you taking the word of a Tory on this.

5:51 AM  
Blogger cymrumark said...

So when did the policy change? It was contained in a policy paper presented to federal Conference in 2002.

6:11 AM  
Blogger Peter Black said...

Not as far as I am aware. If you can find the policy paper then i would be happy to back down but such policy was not in our manifesto nor in the 2004 tourism motion which can be found here

10:27 AM  

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