Friday, January 06, 2006

Lembits lack of judgement......

I thought Charles Kennedy was doomed when lembit Opik appeared to be the only MP willing to back him. Indeed lembit seems to be relishing the media exposure and in fairness he does handle himself well.

What I couldn't understand is why was he so combative? His praise for kennedy has been lavish and seemed to overlook the obvious fact that his "brave personsal statement" was forced by ITN. Kennedys behaviour has been covered up by friends, denied by colleagues since at least the last leadership contest in 1999. Incidently complaints by Kennedy's surviving allies about anonymous attacks are ironic given the depths to witch his supportes stooped in the leadership campaign in 1999.

Lembit has stayed aggressively loyal even as 25 MPs sign a letter saying they will not serve under Kennedy from next week. Others are turning already...(see Peter Blacks excellent but slightly anguised blogg)so why not Lembit. Has he just extended himself so far and cannot back down without looking foolish or is he positioning himself for a leadership bid? As a super loyalist he would be well placed with some in the party memebrship who may not want to reward an "assasin".

My guess is that Kennedy will be kicked out in a motion of confidence next week and Lembit will emerge as a leadership contender.


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