Thursday, February 02, 2006

First Minister concerned about "uncertainty"

I was in Colwyn Bay to see the First Minister under scrutiny. He told the committee he had personal experience of "facing an uncertain future, not knowing whats happening from one to the next can lead to all sorts of problems people being unwell through anxiety etc" . He was talking about those staff in organisations that are being brought under direct assembly control. However the audience was wondering if he was referring to his government.......

In the part of the meeting dedicated to transport the Labour Members were talking about road signs and potholes. I thought I had wandered into a parish council meeting by mistake. It was up to Plaid and the Tories to raise the issue of North South links the role of transport in economic development etc.

The Fiirst Minister was surprisingly poor and seemed very complacent. There was no sense of urgency or of real interest. I got the feeling that he knows he wont be around as First Minister after 2007 and is just winding down. It was astonishing.


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