Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"met him on a monday and my heart stood still ..da doo Ron Ron "

Rumours abound that former Secretary of State for Wales Ron Davies has decided to stand in Caerphilly in next years Assembly elections.

He is held in quite high esteem across the political divide. The only exception being the Labour party but these days being hated by labour is a badge of honour he should where with pride.

It is not clear if he plans to stand as an independent or as part of the "Forward Wales" group which currently consists of John Marek AM for Wrexham. There seems little point in standing as a "Forward Wales" candidate as the party has failed to take off. Indeed the only other candidate at the last Assembly election, Marc Jones, has now joined Plaid as have a number of other former "Forward Wales" activists.

His other option is to run as an Independent. However the track record of "independents" who are not incumbant MP's or Assembly members is not that great.

Ron would have been better off joining Plaid Cymru and standing as a "list candidate". He would have had to take his chance with other candidates but would probably have secured second place in SE Wales. Plaid were just a handful of votes away from securing the second seat in SE Wales in 2003. Ron could have made a big difference instead he is likely to fade into obscurity. He is a man of considerable ability who should be in government. Still Plaid have not yet selected their candidates so if he gets a move on maybe he could make it onto the Plaid list..


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