Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Doing it properly...

Yes well here is the new blogg in all its glory. A while ago journalist David Banks challenged me to start blogging again and to enable comments on my blogg. The original blogg was set up with help from "So Now who do we vote for" and comments were placed on their main website. That site has now been archived and so to allow comments I have set up this new blog.

In part it will be a vehicle to promote our various campaigns and community issues in the Vale of Clwyd where I act as Plaid Spokesman on Assembly., Westminster and various community issues(and where all being well I will be a candidate in the Assembly elections in 2007).

It will also act as an outlet to get various things, usually political, off my chest. These bloggs are really designed to bring out the egotist in all of us and I am no exception.....


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