Saturday, August 19, 2006

"Although I never watch Big Brother"

The phrase that has been used rather a lot in Plaid circles this week is "Although I never watch Big Brother its great to see Glyn doing so well". I actually do see it fairly regularly as some of my colleagues at work seem to enjoy it. Suddenly Plaid are Big Brother fans and my sparring partner Peter Black, and friend Neil Fawcett are reduced to uncharacteristic grumpy old man sulking:)

At the Flint and Denbigh show on Thursday just about everyone asked us why we hadn't got copies of the Sun on display. The answer was that we couln't buy one on the site!

Given Glyns comments about wanting to be the first Plaid Prime Minister I wonder what odds I could get on "Glyn to challenge Ieun Wyn Jones" being the "spoiler" story in the Western Mail the day our conference starts in September?


Blogger Peter Black said...

He could be the first Plaid Leader to have paraded stark naked on national television!

11:09 AM  

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